Are you committed to making a difference for a cause that you are passionate about? 


In an age when groundbreaking innovation is expected from every donor dollar and return-on-investment is rated above recipient outcomes, the understanding of what constitutes meaningful impact is elusive for many organizations and their boards. Moreover, the pressure to address trending global issues using the latest standardized engagement strategies distracts us from thoughtfully contributing to the causes that we care about in the ways that we know are truly beneficial for all.

In order for us to effectively contribute as board members and as philanthropists, we must understand what it takes to create truly positive impact on the ground. Our genuine desire to participate in increasing global good must be supported by an awareness of the interconnectedness of our global systems, an understanding of the effects of interventions on the day to day realities of beneficiaries, and an ability to challenge the old paradigms of assistance and service.


Te Karanga provides custom-made journeys that immerse participants in the lives of communities across the globe. Participants work side-by-side with community-based development organizations on issues from health to environmental preservation, observing first-hand the elements that lead to positive impact. Gaining the perspective of a diverse range of stakeholders, from community members to leaders of international NGOs, participants are uniquely positioned to interrogate the complex relationships of deploying aid and implementing effective interventions. These experiences provide a transformative awareness of the realities we face as a global community, and catalyze new understanding, creativity, and courage in our roles as decision makers, funders, innovators and leaders in our own organizations.

You will return deeply committed, powerfully inspired and better equipped to serve the causes that call to you.


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