The business culture is simultaneously dominated by the imperative for profit and a growing investment in the wellbeing of our planet and its people. Confronted with these dual desires, many conscious business leaders are seeking new paradigms for growth, new measures of success, and new communities to support their globally responsible businesses. For those wishing to be part of this transformative movement, a first-hand experience of how our global business practices impact the daily reality of individuals, communities and environments across the globe is essential. Te Karanga journeys provide this experience.

Together, we have the opportunity to question and reimagine our current models of progress, economy, and social responsibility. Te Karanga’s strong community partnerships in Malawi, Mozambique and India allow us to work alongside community members on educational, health, agricultural and environmental projects, and to discuss progress and social impact with a unique group of stakeholders from traditional leaders to governmental authorities. In the company of like-minded peers, we examine our practices and guiding beliefs, deepen our connections to ourselves and others, re-inspire our sense of purpose, and envision new ways forward.


The Te Karanga experience will strengthen, support, and renew your commitment to better business for our planet and its people.

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