Inspired educators sow inspired learners. It is the principle on which Te Karanga was founded and is at the heart of all our experiential learning journeys.

As educators of the change-makers and global citizens of future generations, finding and sustaining our own hope, idealism and courage is essential. The world needs informed and wise educators – teachers who have the awareness, knowledge and real-life experience to challenge status quo and to support future generations to do the same. Te Karanga journeys prepare educators for this inspirational and demanding work.

On Te Karanga journeys, participants are immersed in the lives of communities across the world, working side by side with community members on education, agriculture and health projects. Through hands-on engagement, we explore issues of global justice and equity, delving into the complexities of international involvement in development, and interrogating our own roles and priorities as educators in a globalized world. Together, we will rediscover the joy of experiential learning and the fundamental value of connection to self, to community and to nature as sources of unlimited practical wisdom. 

Reclaim your passion and creativity as an educator with us.

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