As health professionals, it is the value of life that guides our work.  We enter into the field drawn by the inherent desire to create positive change in the lives of others. But as the healthcare climate becomes increasingly dominated by values discordant with our own, healthcare providers struggle to find fulfillment in their work.  


Te Karanga journeys provide inspiration, motivation, and essential learning for health professionals who seek to better understand their role in global wellbeing.  Through hands-on engagement with community-based health and development organizations across the globe, Te Karanga supports an exploration of issues which challenge all healthcare workers: the ethical allocation of limited resources,  the provision of equitable healthcare access for the most marginalized, and the creation of truly collaborative provider-patient relationships. For those with specific clinical interests, Te Karanga offers additional opportunities to work with HIV positive groups on issues of drug accessibility and with maternal and pediatric populations on malnutrition. This journey is a first-hand investigation of the health impacts of poverty, global trade, international assistance, gender inequality and environmental degradation on health – a journey which leads us to discover new paradigms for effective intervention and service. 


A Te Karanga experience will inspire your commitment to a life that is better for all. 


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