The Gorongosa Restoration Project is a public-private partnership committed to preserving and protecting the beautiful wilderness of Gorongosa National Park in Mozambique, while improving the wellbeing of those living in the surrounding communities.  By establishing interconnected conservation, health, agriculture, science and tourism programs, Gorongosa Restoration project is creating a model for integrated community development and environmental protection.


The Face-to-Face Project believes that the best way to break the cycle of poverty is to help communities to rely on themselves.  Working in Malawi and Cambodia in areas that face severe health crises and food shortages, Face to Face partners with communities to empower towards long-term, locally relevant and sustainable solutions.




Born and bred in Africa, my love of all things wild started at a young age. Wonder years spent at a school set on an estate teaming with African critters and beasties of every kind, with big rocks to climb & high waterfalls to jump off, only enhanced my passion for being out there... in the wild. After completing two very different degrees at university (Arts & Biokinetics), with majors covering a smorgasbord of subjects from English literature, Philosophy & Art History to Human Anatomy & Physiology, I realised I really didn't know what I wanted to do with the rest of my life... I liked education & so teaching was an obvious leaning - but the formal side of it got me a bit flustered. Taking a break was what I felt the doctor ordered, and this I did, applying to be a guide at the celebrated Mala Mala Game Reserve, and committing to a couple of seasons 'in the bush' introducing the wilds to visitors from all over the world.


This time made me realise two things - I could never really go back into formal employment in the city again, and that the bush was able to satisfy curiosities & spiritual needs of mine in a way nothing else had or would. Since this epiphany, I have worked as a private guide, consultant, lodge manager and camp owner in the wilds of Southern & East Africa. Rather than simply doing same-old-same-old safaris & camps, I like to introduce a more holistic side to travel, where people can take something more than just some wild photographs home with them. I like to try re-connect people with their own human nature - by which I mean literally people's (mostly long lost) connection with nature. Coming from, and being part of nature means we have a much deeper connect with things wild, and can learn a whole lot more from it all, than perhaps we are doing at the moment. I have a fascination with all things living, wild and woolly and am truly inspired by the genius of nature, a subject about which I regularly consult to big organisations on, present on & facilitate specialist safari expeditions on to living laboratories around Africa.  


When I am not messing about in the bush, I can be found hanging out in a hammock with my favourite people, my wife Jos & cute daughters, back home in Zimbabwe...