As a global community, we increasingly recognize the significant impact that corporate and financial institutions have on humans and the environment. In particular, the activities of multinational corporations have immense repercussions not only on global economies, but on the culture, health, environment and quality of life of populations across the world. As a global force, investors have the opportunity to influence positive change, playing an essential role in the collective shift towards justice, human dignity, and a healthy planet.

Investing for truly positive social change requires an expanded awareness of the interconnectedness of our global systems. To deepen our understanding of the direct and indirect impact of investments and to inspire lasting commitment to positive practices, a first-hand experience of the ground-level realities of communities and individuals around the globe is essential. Te Karanga offers just such an experience.


On a Te Karanga journey, you will work side by side with community members on agriculture, education and health projects, engage with local leaders in a hands-on exploration of “what works” in on-the- ground social and economic development, and meet with governmental organizations to investigate the impacts of traditional assistance and investment strategies. Your experiences on a Te Karanga journey will uniquely position you to explore new concepts to create true social impact.

You will return with a deep connection to yourself and to the communities you have worked with, a renewed commitment to your role as a global change-maker, and the inspiration, awareness and support to turn this commitment into positive action.


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